Ranchero Village Resort was the hot spot with the Retro Rockers for the start of the Fall Season of dances.  The crowd was fun and energetic, and we had a great time playing for this group!

The Retro Rockers recently had the crowd rocking at Enchanted Valley RV Resort in Mission for a pre-season Dance!

The Retro Rockers helped the iconic Blackbeards' Restaurant celebrate their 45th Anniversary on South Padre Island recently.

The Retro Rockers recently played for the Winter Haven Resort in Brownsville for their annual Mardi Gras party - fun dance crowd!

The Retro Rockers recently played for the Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort in Mission - what a great crowd!

The Retro Rockers performed for the Emanon Dance Club at the Harlingen Country Club in December!

The Retro Rockers performed at Llano Grande RV Resort for a dance recently.  They love the sixties rock & roll!  November, 2022

The Retro Rockers recently played for their 50th Harlingen High School 1971 Class reunion! November 5, 2022.

The Retro Rockers played at Palm Gardens RV Resort for their annual Halloween party & dance!  October 29, 2022

 The Retro Rockers recently played for the Pan American Forum annual banquet & dance on June 25, 2022!

The Retro Rockers returned to the Harlingen Elks Lodge on July 24, 2021

The Retro Rockers played for a Father's Day party at the La Sierra Ballroom in Harlingen June 20, 2021.


The Retro Rockers played for the McAllen HS Reunion Oct 23, 2022


The Retro Rockers entertained a great crowd at the Palm Gardens Resort on January 29, 2022!